Business logo help?

Alright tumblr artists, I need your help. I’m starting a small farrier business, with the hope of picking up a few accounts I can work around my class schedule. I really need to design business cards however, and I am not skilled enough to produce the logo I am looking for. My registered trade name for the business is Dark Horse Farrier Service. I have a basic idea for the logo, and it is more complex than I can produce (involves a horse head, drawn in a “ghost/spirit” style with black and blue as the main colours) 

So, I ask:

Would anyone be willing to collaborate on this with me? 

I can’t offer money, and I know it’s not much, but I am happy to give credit to the artist on the business cards, and anywhere else I can. 

Again, I know it’s not much, and this is not really the best way of contacting someone to help design this, but I’m a broke college student trying to create a business in something I enjoy very much and plan to do full time after graduation. 

Message me or leave an answer if you are interested 

Finally home. I’m apprenticing with the farrier again, and will be training and studying to try and pass the certified farrier exam at the end of the summer.

I’m incredibly stoked to bury myself in the work, I love it. 

Even more so though, I’m fucking glad to be home, with parents, friends, and family that all love and support me. I’ve been missing that so incredibly much. And this place in general. Living in the city has made me appreciate where I grew up so very much. It’s so restorative, and just blissful being out in the country again. 

This summer is about rebuilding myself, healing, learning, and strengthening the bonds I share with the people I care about. 

So it begins.


I think I need something. I don’t know what. But I just have this feeling that theres something I should be doing. Or something that will make me feel.
I just dont know what it is.
It used to be that I just needed to know someone cared. Or even just a hug or cuddle from someone made it all better.
But I really don’t know what it is I need anymore. What I want anymore.
It’s driving me insane.
I feel like a ghost.

Anonymous asked:

Hi I just randomly stumbled onto your blog, and well, you're really attractive. Just wanted to let you know okay bye now.

Aw thank you greyface! You can come off anon though, I love meeting new people

Dialogue with my roommate

"I think we need another chair in the living room, but mocha or espresso. Slate won’t go with the other couch. Which one do you like better? it’s a big decision!!! Should we get an ottoman? What about another coffee table??"



Okay, so I just finished season 2 of Sherlock, and have been thinking about it all day. I have had somewhat of a realization. So, i’ll begin my little rant. 

James Moriarty is without a doubt, the most amazing villain ever portrayed in film. I think the Joker is the only other character that even comes close. 

This isn’t just some shallow fangirling (boying?) statement. Here is why:

Moriarty’s plans were beyond brilliant and twisted, and planned out with such care and attention that nearly every possible factor, fluke and chance possible was accounted for. Of course, this is incredibly impressive to say the least, but this is not the reason he is the greatest mastermind in televised history. 

No, that award is made clear in the final episode of season two. Sherlock is completely beaten, so it would seem, and is preparing to make the jump. However, he realizes that as long as Moriarty is alive, he can still use him to save John, Ms. Hudson, and LeStroud. Of course you all know this, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this.

When Moriarty realizes this, the true dedication and pure, raw evil of his character is shown. 

He kills himself, to ensure that Sherlock’s fate is sealed. 

Not in a dramatic way. Not drawn out and regretful. He puts a gun in his mouth with the same amount of hesitation and thought as would be present if he were simply answering his mobile phone. 

That. That is true, genius, evil. 

Sure, the Terminator shot random people with no remorse. Loki played the avengers and humans like they were toys. Nosferatu fed on the blood of innocent people. 

But Moriarty, used a global web of resources and people, not just to kill one man, but to remove every shred of dignity and respect that man had , AND force that man (without the use of brute force at all) to perish in a coward’s death (from the viewpoint of most of society). And when Moriarty realized that he himself was standing in the way of the result he wanted, he simply removed himself without any hesitation. 

He did all of this with intelligence, not with fear or force. 

Take a moment to realize just how heavy that is. 

James Moriarty without a doubt trumps every other criminal, villain, and mastermind thought up. Even Crowley, the King of Hell (in his time anyways),and Pinhead look like common goons compared to him. 

With that, I declare this rant over. Please feel free to comment if you think there is a character who tops this, I would be very interested. 

(Value: $.02)